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COFACTORS is an organization that is guided by the following principles:

​Our Vision:

Be an innovator in providing high quality Care Coordination / Management Services and Health Information Technology Solutions.


Our Mission:

Strive to help each client achieve substantial improvements in performance and healthcare quality.


Our Values:

Provide professional Care Coordination and Management Services tailored to the need of each client by: adhering to the highest ethical standards; being compassionate as we provide excellent professional services with empathy, respect and sensitivity; devoting ourselves to achieving the highest quality outcomes.



COFACTORS will help healthcare businesses optimize the use of factors of production such as capital, personnel, health benefit coverage and other resources used in conducting a successful operation.   Our objective is to help healthcare businesses to generate economic growth and create job opportunities.   From a business perspective,  factors of production are resources used by a company to produce products and/or services.   Financial capital, personnel and healthcare benefits are key factors of production.   COFACTORS' team will provide its services to a variety of healthcare entities and their management teams.  COFACTORS draws upon the expertise and experience of a core group of seasoned business and healthcare professionals.

Edgenics Learning Institute

Cofactors NP is a "doing business as name" for Edgenics Learning Institute (ELI) which is a Non-Profit 501 (C ) 3 that has focused on providing education, training and other community oriented programs to help improve education, healthcare and economic outcomes.   ELI was organized in 2003.   ELI  views the COFACTORS' initiatives as a component of its core mission.   ELI supports the COFACTORS initiative by providing financial support, web development expertise and overall management.     

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