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Clinical Care Coordination​​​

Healthcare outcomes are influenced by a number of factors - COFACTORS - such as access to care, preventive care, coordination of care with the entire care team and other considerations that have a bearing on each persons physical and mental wellbeing.  Our care coordinators focus on working with providers and patients to assist them in achieving a balanced approach to the management of healthcare.

Care Coordinators


We support both patients and their healthcare providers by providing timely information that ensures the highest level of care.  We offer various services including:


·         Assisting with prescription monitoring;


·          Monitoring Patients' care plans;


·         Facilitating clear communication between the patient, the patient’s family and health care provider.

We begin having our team of nurses (RNs, MSNs, NPs) work with providers to review assessments of each patient’s current health status and examining each patient's health history, chief concerns and challenges. 


Next, we give you an action plan that prioritizes your goals and shows you that there are options.  We hear our client’s frustrations, needs and wishes. If needed, we can provide medical literature research for the patient and/or the patient’s family. The result is a complete and comprehensive plan of care that includes specific directions for care and detailed recommendations that can be discussed with the patient’s primary physician and other members of the healthcare team.




Following recommendations of the Institute of Medicine, Cofactors healthcare programs include the provision of comprehensive collaboration with healthcare providers including primary physicians, specialists and hospitals.



​Healthcare professionals have recommended a set of research based, cost-effective protocols to support better healthcare deliver.  The implementation of these practices will benefit patients, people with impaired health, and other citizens, by having a positive impact on overall population health.


Cofactors' team understands that there is great value in collaborating with primary physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver value for patients and their families. 


 Cofactors' team believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness.  We are patient centered and keep our patients' needs at the forefront of care.  We are dedicated to providing a well rounded and sensible approach in achieving this goal for the communities we serve.   Cofactors' team believes there are various components that make up a person’s well being: preventive care, curative care; nutrition and wellness.

Wellness is the overall condition of one’s well-being.  It is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. There are key elements that are critical to ensuring one’s wellness in a broad sense.  Through our wellness program, Cofactors promotes and provides preventive care and education to clients to help them achieve a healthy balance in their lives. 
 At Cofactors, we believe that quality care and prevention are vital to the long-term health and well-being of patients.  Preventative care and services are performed in an effort to prevent major illness or injury.  


Cofactors’ mission is to improve the population health of the communities we serve by addressing health care needs to help clients live healthier and happier lives.


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