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News about Cofactors NP and its various activities will be posted on this page.  News and information will be provided that is of interest to clients, patients, partners and the general public.  We will focus on news and information that highlights our involvement in new developments in healthcare, the implementation of innovative healthcare services and other noteworthy information.  We look forward to your participation in this information flow.

Best Practices in Population Health Management

​ACO and Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition Webinar

August 18, 2014

Dr. (Ph.D.) Robert E. Dansby presents an overview of the "Information Blocking Problem" in healthcare.  This issue arises because of the lack of interoperability among various Electronic Health Record Software and Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems.  This problem is adversely affecting the healthcare delivery process.  We launch the formation of a ACO Coalition Workgroup to focus on developing: (a) assessments of the extent of the problem; and  (b)recommendations for solutions to solve the problem. 

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