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Social Care Coordination 

Our Social Care Coordinators are experts in social work, psychology, behavioral health and health administration (with appropriate training and degrees in these professional disciplines).  They have vast experience working with: (A) patients to address non-clinical issues; and (B) the complex administrative policies, procedures and processes that define today’s healthcare environment.

Patient Satisfaction


We support both the patient and their healthcare providers by providing timely information that ensures the highest level of care for the patient.  We offer various services including:

  • Assisting with prescription monitoring

  • Patient care plans monitoring

Facilitating clear communication between the patient, the patient’s family and health care providers leads to greater satisfaction of all participants in the healthcare delivery process.  We begin by conducting complete assessments of each patient’s current situation looking at the patient's health history, chief concerns, challenges and expectations. 

Explaining Healthcare Benefits Plans

If you are overwhelmed by your health insurance, have questions on what you owe or you need to appeal a claims denial, we can help.  We can also research other insurance plans that may better suit your needs.

Assisting Patients with Managing Healthcare Costs

We give you an action plan that prioritizes your goals and shows you that there are options.  We hear our client’s frustrations, needs and wishes. If needed, we will provide advice to a patient and/or the patient’s family regarding alternatives for managing their healthcare costs.  We work with patients to provide a comprehensive plan of care that includes specific directions for care and detailed recommendations that can be discussed with the patient’s primary physician, financial advisors and social workers.


Addressing Social Services Needs of Patients

The Affordable Care Act makes investments to help raise the quality of care, while giving patients – and their healthcare providers – more control over their healthcare.  Behavioral health and certain social services are components of the healthcare resources that patients can utilize to overcome household issues that often accompany a patient's illness.  Case management and care coordination services help to lift  these burdens from patients, while improving the partnership between patients and doctors in making health care decisions.

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