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Health Information Technology Solutions

Population Health Management Software

We offer the most advanced Population Health Management solution in the healthcare industry.  These solutions provide care coordinators and collaborating care teams (physicians, care coordinators, coders, administrators, etc) with a robust, highly secure, easily accessible, user friendly toolset for developing comprehensive clinical and financial insights concerning the healthcare delivery value chain.  Our population health management solution enables the aggregation and management of clinical, and other healthcare relevant data, from multiple sources (e.g. hospitals, physician EMRs, health information exchanges, etc).  These solutions include: (A) enterprise data warehouse resources to aggregate clinical and insurance claims data from disparate sources; and (B) dashboard resources to place appropriate data at the finger tips of providers at the point of care.  



Care Coordination & Management Software

We offer solutions that dramatically improve the efficiency of care coordination and management workflow by embedding real time clinical data into daily workflow and decision making processes.  Speeding up the flow of information produces major benefits for care teams that are providing healthcare services for patients.  We offer a software platform that was designed from the ground up to collect and store real time discrete clinical data.  These timely provided clinical values allow for dramatic improvements in assessing risk acuity thereby allowing care managers, and the collaborative care team, to focus on the right patients at the right time.  These tools integrate clinical information according to condition categories and population segmentations that enhance the care management function.  Our analytic, care coordination, patient engagement, and physician engagement tools are designed to support efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services by the care team.  Our solutions enable care team access to resources such as disease registries, predictive analytics, population risk stratifications, hospital admission data and referral data. 


Interoperability Software

We offer a patented software solution that provides a practical technical solution to the database interoperability problem.  The traditional approach of developing pair-wise adapters to implement interoperable connectivity is supplanted by an innovative solution that facilitates more straight-forward connectivity for complex cross platform Health Information Exchanges, Electronic Health Record systems, legacy and modern database environments.  Our interoperability software has the capability to support various established data standards (Health Level 7 (HL7), ANSI, ASC X12, Continuity of Care Record (CCR), Continuity of Care Document (CCD), ELINCS, NCPDP Script 8.1, XML, HTTPS, IHE XDS, IHE XDM) and equally important it is designed to easily accommodate evolving and emerging standards.  This is made possible because our interoperability software is designed based on Single Interface Engine Technology (SIFT).



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